Getting To Know: Carol Magnusson

From time to time here we will be spotlighting our missionaries. At Lakeview Community Church we support a few different missionaries, one of those being Carol Magnusson.

Carol is apart of Wycliffe Bible Translators. She is a member of a survey team based in Nigeria. The team is there to conduct language surveys themselves and to teach Nigerians the skills of survey. There are 350 languages that need to be surveyed in Nigeria!

Carol and her team are serving the Lord through Language Survey. What is the purpose of language survey?
1) Locate the people and determine their language
2) Determine if the people know a second language well
3) Determine if the people know another dialect of their language

What is the process of language survey?
1) Write words down using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
2) Record the words on a tape recorder
3) Lots of researching & reporting

Carol has been in the States on furlough since June. Please pray for her as she spends time in her home state of Washington and as she prepares to return to Nigeria.

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