Delivering our goodie bags to “The Bridge”

The children who attended Vacation Bible School this year learned that God loves us, so we should love each other. In order to show others that they love them, they decorated these bags that were filled with drinks, snacks, toothpaste, etc. The bags were then taken to The Bridge where they will be given out by case managers to people in need.

The Bridge’s purpose is to end adult long-term homelessness in Dallas and the surrounding region by developing, coordinating, and/or delivering:

* Outreach/intake services
* Jail diversion/reentry services
* Emergency shelter/transitional shelter services
* Primary health care/behavioral health care services
* Recreational/educational services
* Employment income/supported employment income/disability income services
* Affordable housing/supportive housing services

Along with all of these services they serve three meals a day to men and women that are registered with their program in obtaining all of these services. The meals are prepared from donations and both federal and donated money. Many different organizations sign up to volunteer to actually serve the meals. They serve anywhere from 600 to 800 men and women while they are there. The Bridge and The Stewpot work hand in hand. They are located close to the Farmer’s Market for a point of reference. In serving them so many of them say to us, “Have a wonderful day and thank you”. They are thankful that they were able to eat breakfast!