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(Updated with minutes from the Aug 21st Meeting, and more information on the City Impact Team)

Lakeview Community Church has started a new ministry called City Impact.

Purpose of City Impact: “Take ourselves out of the church & into the community as a visible demonstration of God’s redemptive work.”

Mission of City Impact: To engage in mercy ministries and meet specific community needs (car maintenance, yard maintenance, household help, after school child care, Christmas presents, back to school supplies, etc.)

Future vision of City Impact: We believe churches must not just engage in mercy ministries, but partner together to represent the fullness of God’s Kingdom in our collective witness to the world.

Jesus said the second greatest command is to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). When asked who a neighbor was, Jesus told the story of The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37). The Samaritan, though mistrusted and even hated by the Jews, helped a Jewish victim, even at great expense to himself.

Jesus said to do good deeds to glorify God. We dare not keep our church secluded and hidden (Matthew 5:13-16.).

While the Missions Committee works to spread the good news of Jesus the Messiah worldwide, the City Impact Team aims to minister locally, to the neighbors of the church. More specifically, to serve the communities of Cedar Hill that has no other church presence, such as Kingswood and KB Homes. When possible, the Team also seeks to serve the rest of Cedar Hill and neighboring cities.

Ultimately, the Team looks to renew the community where it is in decay, and develop the community where it needs to be nurtured (Isaiah 58:6-12).

The ministries the Team oversees are:

  1. Project Cedar Hill. The project, modeled after Project Duncanville, shows Gods’ love by good works and by testimony. It seeks to serve: the widow, the single parent, the fatherless, and the disabled, filling whatever needs we are able.
  2. Financial Assistance. The church often gets calls from strangers for assistance with bills. The Team evaluates the requests and provides funds when the call represents a genuine need, when funds are available. It also advises where government help and other aid might be available. We wish to “give to all who ask” (see Luke 6:30), but we wish to do so with wisdom.
  3. Holiday Helpers. The church has bought Thanksgiving turkeys for distribution in the past, and we may do so again in the future.
  4. Free Yard Sale. Both Southwest Harvest and the Duncanville Church of Christ on Danieldale have hosted yard sales in which all items are free to take.

Other ministries could include paroled prisoners, help with the local food bank, and others.

The team seeks to network with other churches, community leaders, nonprofit organizations, and other organizations when possible.

Click here to download LLC City Impact Team Minutes From 8/21/08

Click here to download LLC City Impact Team Minutes From 7/24/08

For further information on this ministry, check out this blog entry from

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