This Week at LCC

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Here’s a bullet-point list of the highlights for what’s going on at LCC. Be sure to at least skim it so you can stay on top of things!

  • Holy Week services — all we’re going for upcoming Holy Week is important enough to merit its own section, so be sure to check it out below!
  • Service Sunday Video Recap — a recap video of our most recent Service Sunday (Mar 30) is online now, so go here to check it out. You can download it if you want, and you can also share it on Facebook to let your friends know about all the fun we had and work we did!
  • Baptisms on Easter Sunday — we’ve got two folks who have asked to be baptized, and we’re going to do that on Easter Sunday. It’s not too late if you think you might also like to be baptized, so let Dan know if you want to learn more about that.
  • New Sermon Series Starting Easter — we’ll be kicking off a new sermon series on Sunday when we begin working our way through Jesus’s “Sermon on the Mount” (as recorded in Matt 5–7). It’d be a great Sunday to invite some friends to join us since we’re kicking off a new series.


HOLY WEEK SERVICES: As you can see, we’ve got a lot going on for the upcoming Holy Week, so check out the details of all we’ll be doing below and join us for any and all of it! The three services during the week are really short (30 mins) and no childcare is provided. Each is designed to help us slow down, reflect, and appreciate in a unique way Christ’s work at the cross, which culminates in our Easter Sunday celebration.

  • Palm Sunday (Apr 13) — Our service is at its normal time, but it’s a special Sunday set apart on our church calendar to begin to reflect (in a unique way) the work Jesus accomplished at the cross.
  • Maundy Thursday (Apr 17, 6pm) — Explore some new forms of worship with us and stick around for a potluck! Bring something to share as we enjoy a meal together after the service.
  • Good Friday (Apr 18, 7pm) — a brief service meant to commemorate the death and burial of Jesus.
  • Holy Saturday (Apr 19, 7pm) — intended to be a vigil of sorts as we await the celebration to come on Easter morning.
  • Easter Sunday (Apr 20, 9:15am) — Breakfast is at 9:15am, and we’ll have an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos at around 9:45 (please let us know if you want to participate in the hunt by signing up in the foyer, and also if you’d be willing to bring some breakfast or hunt items).


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