Pastoral Staff Hire Announcement

This past Sunday (2/9/2020) after the service we had a short announcement and discussion about our intent to bring on a second full-time pastor at Lakeview for the fall of 2020. If you’d like to listen to the announcement, you can click here to hear it, and click here for the slides that accompanied the announcement.

Briefly, we hope to hire a second pastor at Lakeview to engineering groups at every level (“love God”) and to help us engage with the communities around us (“love others”). We hope to retain the teaching and preaching services of Brad Banks, so this hire would be in addition to Brad’s services, not a replacement.

We have formed a search team of (A-Z): Amanda Bodien, Joey Edwards, Daniel Lowery, and Donna Magee. The team will assist with the search and hire process and will communicate with the church on a regular basis. We hope to fund this position from our Strategic Initiative Fund and supplement it with further giving prior to the hire date, which we anticipate to be August 2020. Please do not hesitate to ask questions (