Leadership Changes

We are making some changes on our leadership boards (elders & deacons), and this will be making up a part of our church vote on the 20th of this month.

Specifically, Steve Miller, Brian Trogdon, and Eric Hoff have rolled off as elders as of this summer, while Mark Brynsvold and Joey Edwards have rolled off the deacon team. Though more will of course be said about this in the coming weeks, we do want to be clear here that none of them are stepping down for any sort of ignoble reasons — they are simply ready for breaks and should be celebrated for serving Lakeview so faithfully in their respective capacities!

The deacons look to add Chris Dikes to their ranks, and the elders look to add Clint Bodien and Kevin VanWagner to theirs. This is of course pending our church vote on the 20th, but be assured that all candidates have been nominated and vetted according to our church’s by-laws and have been approved and recommended for church vote by the elders.



Did you know we as a church have begun to entertain the possibility of moving from our current location? Yes, that’s right. Pray, pray, pray for your leaders and the church — we need God to work in many wonderful ways, now more than ever!