New to Lakeview?

Whether you are curious or seriously seeking a “church home,” you are very much welcome at Lakeview Community Church. Our worship services vary from week to week and typically begin with a time of singing, praise and worship, followed by prayer, scripture reading and a sermon.

The steps below help you know what to expect on Sundays.

Steps to Visiting on Sunday

1. Welcome to Sunday School and Worship Service

Worship is at 10:45 a.m with a meet and greet time starting around 10:30 am.  On your first visit, it’s best to arrive about 15 to 20 minutes early. Children’s church is offered through the entire worship service and nursery care is available.

2. Arrive and Get Parked

We are a single-campus church with one location. Arriving 15 minutes before the service starts will make things easier.


3. Celebrate Through Worship

The beginning of the service, everyone is invited to stand and greet one another with hugs and handshakes. You will not be singled out as a visitor. Biblical teaching, a blend of musical styles, prayer, giving, and communion are key components of worship at Lakeview Community Church.

4. Let Us Help You

If you would like to talk about a personal concern or something you heard in the service, don’t be afraid to ask. Leaders of the church can sit with you to discuss any question or concern that you may have.

5. What’s next after that?

Membership at Lakeview is the next step forward after becoming a regular attender. Each prospective member will need to attend a Newcomer’s Class to help gain membership into the church.