Life Groups

We like to think of Life Groups (LGs) as one of our two flagship activities, along with participation in our weekend worship service. If you want to know what we’re about and join us in it, worship with us on the weekends and be a part of an LG! Here’s why we consider LGs to be so important folks who commit to LGs are essentially signing up to learn how to do life together, with purpose, on purpose. In other words, LGs are designed to facilitate intentional engagement in authentic community. They are intentionally geographically specific and intergenerational.

Growth Groups

Ideally, these will emerge naturally out of relationships established by Life Groups (above). But for those folks not participating in Life Groups, this is a smaller-sized (2-3 people) gender-specific disciple-making meeting. This is where we dig deeper into Bible study, prayer, other spiritual disciplines, etc. We have tools we can provide for this, but there is also flexibility here to determine as a group what might work best.

Sign up for Growth Groups