City Impact Meeting Minutes – 3/1

The Friends of Bridges meeting is set for Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at the Cedar Hill Library. The address is 225 Cedar Street. Janet asked that we invite our City Impact Team leaders & also anyone on the teams who’s interested in being more involved.

I’ve called & left messages or spoke with most of our team leaders. So far 4 cannot attend because of other commitments.

On the yard sale:

Moving & muscle help:
We’re at a point where we need to organize a system for picking up large items from people who want to give but are unable to physically get the items to us. My thought is that Saturdays may be the most available day for most volunteers. Proposed dates for pick-ups: Sat, March 21st ; Sat, April 4th ; &/or Sat., April 18th (last call). In addition, it may be helpful to have shifts for each of these dates so we don’t wear out our teams. Shifts could be 7am-11am ; 12pm – 4pm ; 4pm – 8pm. Other volunteeer help needed is on sale day Sat April 25th: very early Saturday morning 4-4:30am – 6:30am-7am — loading trucks & trailers to take the stuff to the sale & then unload it /set up for sale. It may also make things easier on the day of the sale if we have a trailer loading party the Friday night before the sale (we’ll BBQ) say 5pm-9pm or so. That could be fun too!
*** Note: We may have access to an open bed trailer that will connect to our jeep or a pick-up truck. Also, I will check w/U-Haul to see how much it costs to rent a trailer or truck for a day.

Obtaining donations:
Ladies at Bridges have already asked how to donate things for the sale. Bridges does not have enough space to store items for the sale at this point. They are in fact in need of a outside storage room if you know anyone who wishes to donate one.

For larger items—
I put together a form that will help with larger donations that need to be picked up from the community, from our church members, from Bridges volunteers/friends, etc who cannot physically move the items but do wish to donate. See attachment. I think we need to decide on our dates relatively quickly to allow time to get forms out, returned, & organize pick-up day schedule based upon location of residences.
For smaller items—
As far as smaller items, our church members & their friends/families/etc can go ahead & begin bringing smaller items (clothes, household, etc) to church with them on Sundays. Joe & Tracy can bring home from church to put in garage. People from church can also coordinate with Joe or Tracy on stopping by whenever to drop something off. With regard to Bridges small items, on the days we do pick-ups we can have someone at the house for drop-offs during a certain time frame. I’ll also coordinate with Janet on days/times she or Bridges people can drop-off items.
Confirming/reminder calls:
What do you guys think about asking one of our City Impact teams (maybe reading & tutoring — or — office/financial ) if they would be interested in helping by making phone calls? It may be a helpful time-saver to give a confirmation or reminder call the day/night before pick-ups.

Tagging & pricing get-together(s):
With the ladies retreat being the weekend prior to the sale, my thought is that ladies will want to be home on Sunday for the day after church. For tagging & pricing, so we aren’t waiting until the last minute, Monday April 20th &/or Tuesday April 21st nights say 5/6pm-9/10pm may be good for groups to come over to arrange/group the clothing & items, price & tag the items, make price charts for the money-takers, etc. We could do pizza or a pot-luck where everyone brings a dish or just sandwiches & chips.

Okay– I think that’s enough for tonight. ** When you have a moment, please do let me know your thoughts/ideas.

Brian could you look at your calendar to see if the dates I mentioned above for moving/muscle help with pick-ups work for you? If not, are there other dates that work for you? Also, could you please find out how many trucks/trailers we may able to use for moving time? We can use my jeep & I think I’ll be able to borrow one trailer (10-12 ft ).

Tracy Schaeffer

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