Voting On Elders & Deacons

We’ll be voting on our first round of elders and deacons on Sunday. The vote will be for members only, and we’ll need all of you to stick around for this, please, as it’s kind of a big deal in the life of our church (the more participation, the better). Ballots will be closed, so privacy will be protected. We’ll tally the numbers, let you know shortly after the vote, and we’ll have an installation service for our new leaders that next Sunday (June 10th).

Below is the list of nominees:

ELDER: James Fincher, Eric Hoff, Doug Hudgin, Dave Lowery, Dale Magee, Jim Matthews, Steve Miller, Brian Trogdon

DEACON: Mark Brynsvold, Joey Edwards, Lea Anne Edwards, Phil Edwards, Drew Epperley, Karen Hudgin, Donna Magee, Jeff McCallister, Zach Miller, Deni O’Neil